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Hello and welcome to  A site and blog dedicated to walking and photography.  I live in the UK and am an avid walker and amateur photographer mostly weekends due to work commitments.  But I have travelled all over the world and intend to continue to do so long into the future. Nomadic and solitary in nature with a keen eye for beauty.

Each week I intend to add new posts about walks and locations along with a photo gallery and will cover any interesting points or lessons learnt not just about Photography.  I am learning, learn with me or tell me the error of my ways.

I consider myself an intermediate to advanced landscape photographer and more now to improve my photos I need better equipment, full frame camera, expensive lenses and to be in the right place at the right time.  What inspired this site is recently had many of my photos downloaded off Shutterstock.

If you really like any of my photos, you can purchase and download them for a small fee and help support the administrative costs of running this site, help me buy some new camera gear, fund some new travels, give up my full time job 🙂

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