bournemouth beach walk

Bournemouth Beach Dorset

Having completed my work contract in Gloucestershire and taken a break abroad I returned to the UK officially without an abode.  After staying in a hotel on the Sussex Border I headed for Bournemouth in Dorset.

Dorset Photography and Walks

I was looking for a short term lease or temporary accommodation various places around the UK while I tried to secure my next works contract.  Dorset was top of my list as it has some fantastic landscape photography and walking opportunities.

I found a nice place to stay in Bournemouth 100 yards down from the beach in the East Cliff area.  The place used to be a hotel but was now more geared towards co-living.  The rooms were nice on suite but no proper cooking facilities, just personal fridge and microwave so time to get creative on the diet front.

Bournemouth Beach Walks

While searching for a new contract with a preference for the Dorset area I could go on walks and practice my landscape photography.  Most mornings it was lovely to go for a walk just along Bournemouth beach.  I only took my Canon compact camera with me each morning but managed to get some nice photos of Bournemouth and Boscombe beaches.

bournemouth beach walk
bournemouth beach

I felt privileged to be able to walk along Bournemouth beach most mornings while not working during the summer months of 2017.  Bournemouth has its own micro climate and can be a few degrees warmer.  It attracts many retirees and Bournemouth is also known as god’s waiting room.  On weekends the town centre with its 50+ nightclubs attracts the opposite crowd, young stag and hen parties.

During the summer Bournemouth attracts alot of tourists it also has its unfair share of homeless people, I guess places like Bournemouth are the end of line for the homeless and perhaps tourists are more considerate of their plight.

east cliff bournemouth
east cliff

I would also go out for walks some evenings in Bournemouth when the sun was shining and have a pint of ale somewhere along the coast.  But too many people about for my tastes.  No, I looked forward to getting away from the crowds and visiting some of Dorsets more remote locations.

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