Iron age fort

Hambledon Hill Dorset

I was running out of coastal walks to do during my stay in Dorset, at least those relatively nearby.  Time to head inland, north.  My first choice was a place renowned to have stunning views a place called Hambledon Hill.

Hambledon Hill Views

I was using the AA’s guide to 50 walks in Dorset but even they state this is only the tip of the iceberg as far as walks go for Dorset. Its not just the Jurassic coast thats pulls in the walkers, landscape photographers and tourists.

Hambledon Hill Dorset
Hambledon Hill 1/10 sec, F/11, ISO 100, 20mm

It sure was a beautiful mid August summers day.  Visibility was very good, no haze and the sky was very photogenic deep blue with sporadic white fluffy clouds so removing any large empty spaces.

east view hambledon hill
Hambledon hill 1/15 sec, F/11, ISO 100, 24mm

The views from atop of Hambledon Hill did not disappoint.  You know its a good day when you cant stop taking photographs.  Everyway you looked across the unwinding landscape, west, north east were stunning views to be photographed.

Iron age fort
Iron Age fort 1/20 sec, F/11, ISO 100, 18mm

You can still see the remains of an Iron age fortress on top of Hambledon hill looking north.  It was here many centuries later that general Wolfe trained his troops before conquering Quebec and Canada.

flowers hambledon hill
flowers in the wind 1/40 sec, F/11, ISO 100, 18mm

To get some foreground interest and some contrast I wanted to capture the ground flowers but the wind had picked up and I not select a fast enough shutter speed.  Even increasing my ISO 200 to get a faster shutter speed there is still motion blur that I was trying to avoid.  Should have dropped to F/8 also maybe?

Towards Hod Hill

There was no end of landscape photography opportunities on top of Hod Hill even in the midday sun, it was such a beautiful clear summers day in north Dorset.  But I wanted to do the second leg of the hike over Hods Hill.

Hods hill north dorset
Hods Hill 1/15 sec, F/11, ISO 100, 20mm

Some great views across Dorset from Hods Hill too, but not as good as Hambledon hill, but fantastic day, lots of great photographs taken, makes you feel good to be alive.  When photography and walking come together as one.