Hengistbury head

Hengistbury Head Dorset

Having moved to Dorset I purchased the AA’s 50 walks in Dorset to get my bearings.  Although I complain and often get lost using these guides they do give you a good idea of what is available in the county.  Hengistbury head was just down the road from me in Bournemouth.

Hengistbury Head Coastal Loop

Bournemouth and nearby Hengistbury head is only just in Dorset or on the edge of East Dorset next to Hampshire, not far from Southampton.  I also purchased the AA’s guide 50 walks in Hampshire which included the new forest.  So lots of options.  From a UK landscape photography aspect I had missed the end of May and most of June due to travel abroad.  My first walk in Dorset to Hengistbury head was on the last day of June.

hengistbury head dorset
poole bay 23mm, 1/100 sec, F/11, ISO 100

Hengistbury head is popular with tourists and walkers from nearby Bournemouth.  On top though there are some nice views across Poole bay, Studland bay and Old Harrys Rock with Swanage just round the corner there.

Hengistbury head
Hengistbury head 18mm, 1/20 sec, F11, ISO 100

The above photo is my favourite landscape image taken from Hengistbury head with contrast of the plant in the foreground.  This would be a good spot to get some sunset, sunrise shots over Bournemouth.

beach huts hengistbury
beach huts

Following the path round takes you over Warren hill along the Stour valley way to the beach and rows of beach huts.  Behind the beach huts is the inland Christchurch harbour.  The above image of the beach huts along Hengistbury head was rejected by Shutterstock, a bit to much contrast or over exposure, perhaps the guy checking that day was in a bad mood.

Not a fantastic day for landscape photography the light was a bit contrasty but had ticked off my first walk around Dorset.  I looked forward to venturing further afield a visiting some more scenic and remote locations.  I liked being on the coast not far from the famous Jurassic Coast line.

You can check out my Dorset Portfolio as hosted on Shutterstock.