malvern hills

Over Pinnacle Hill Malverns

Great Malvern to Colwall

A lovely Saturday morning walk in early March 2017 from Great Malvern in Worcestershire to Colwall in Herefordshire over Pinnacle Hill.  Parking at the railway station in Great Malvern and walking through Great Malvern Common and the golf course.

great malvern common
great malvern common

The light was good on the Malvern common but by the time I reached the peak of Pinnacle Hill on the Malverns the light was a bit contrasty but still got some nice shots of British Camp hill and Worcestershire Peak.

british camp malverns
british camp

Someone had left a broken bouquet of flowers on Pinnacle hill and tried to use this as some foreground interest in one or two of the photos.  I really need to drag my ass out of bed a couple of hours early and be at the top of the hills before dawn breaks, but I do really enjoy walking in the sunshine also.

Lens Choice

What I like about the shot of British Camp is the foreground rocks in focus using hyperfocal distance with my new Canon EF-S 24 mm f/2.8 STM Lenscanon 24mm pancake lens .  I usually go out with a 18-200 mm Canon zoom lense which is more ideal for travel as only need to take one lens for all situations.  As I mostly shoot landscapes at home and wide angle I am trying the 24mm prime to get sharper images but no more zooming in on robins.

Lovely sausage sandwich and mug of filtered black coffee in the Singing Kettle cafe at the bottom of Pinnacle Hill west side.  The intention was to walk back over Worcestershire Peak and back to Great Malvern, but the clouds had moved in and looked like rain.  So took the train from Colwall back to Great Malvern passing through the Colwall tunnel.  I based this walk on one inside the AA 50 walks Worcestershire and Herefordshire but rather than just 5 miles wanted to extend to a 10 mile walk given the weather was good.

Malvern Hills Worcestershire

Another photographer on the Malvern hills that day got soaked but also got some lovely shots of a double rainbow.  I am a bit of a wimp and dont enjoy walking in the rain but some of the best landscape photos can be taken in bad weather or when the weather changes.  I intend to venture out in the future when there is bad weather.