studland beach

Studland Beach and Heath Dorset

Its so nice not being a wage slave even  if only for summer months and Dorset on the South West coast is a nice place to be if you enjoy walking and landscape photography.  My next destination just across the waters from Bournemouth was Studland Beach and Heath

Studland Attempted

I had attempted to do Studland a week previous, another botched attempt doing a late afternoon walk so to catch a sunset, but the pay and display car park closed before the walk would complete, so car parks are becoming the bane of my leisurely life, least of all because of their expense.

studland dorset
Towards Studland 28mm, 1/50 sec, F/11, ISO 100

Still on the drive back to Bournemouth there is a free car park with some splendid views over Poole Bay.  Managed to take a few handheld photos.

Return to Studland Beach

I return to Studland but arriving in the morning and not too early.  Sunsets and low directional light in mid summer are grand for landscape photography but occur too early for my lazy ass.

studland beach
Studland beach 18mm, 1/50 sec, F/11, ISO 100

What a beautiful beach and bay Studland is, what with the natural sand dunes, makes a perfect place for a nudist beach.  And thats what you can see in the distance nudists, my walk would take me right through the nudist beach.

Shell Bay Studland
Shell Bay 20mm, 1/15 sec, F/11, ISO 100

My walk takes me to the point at Shell Bay, most people cross at this point with the ferry but I drove right round.  Looking back their are fine views over Studland bay and the Purbeck hills.

poole harbour trail
Poole harbour trail 18mm, 1/20 sec, F/16, ISO 100

The second half of the seven mile walk takes you to the ferry stop of South Haven Point.  On the road is a pub and stop for a nice cold pint in the midday sun.

Studland Heath

The walk continues around Poole Harbour trail heading to Studland heathland.  Its then a walk down Ferry road and into the wilderness of Studland heath.  I love the contrast of the heather on the heath.

studland heath dorset
Studland heath 20mm, 1/13 sec, F/11, ISO 100

I spent a few hours on Studland heath not just because I got lost and nearly sank in some marsh and quicksand.  There are alot less visitors on the heath compared to the beach, but both are off the beaten track to the many tourists that visit nearby Poole and Bournemouth, so you can easily find some peace and quiet around Studland.

Beautiful day spent walking Studland beach and heath, you cant really ask for much more. I deserved a nice pint of Dorset ale on the drive home.

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