clavell tower Kimmeridge bay

Kimmeridge Bay Dorset

It was a beautiful day in early July.  The great thing with not working you dont have to miss these beautiful days being confined to a stuffy office.  I had a preference for walks along the coast in Dorset.  The next nearest walk from my base in Bournemouth was the coastal walk around Kimmeridge.

The problem with summer is sunrise comes way to early I would be lucky to arrive by 8AM.  I just dont enjoy crawling out of bed that early in the morning.

kimmeridge bay dorset
kimmeridge village 24mm, 1/15 sec, F/11, ISO 100

Parking up and walking down the hill towards the village of Kimmeridge and you are met with sweeping views of Kimmeridge Bay and the Clavell Tower.

Checking out Clavell Tower I got some of my first landscape photos of what they call the Jurassic coastline.

kimmeridge bay
Jurassic coast 24mm, 1/20 sec, F/11, ISO 100

From Clavell tower I made my way down to the beach where there are remains of World War II pill boxes.

kimmeridge beach
pill box 28mm, 1/25 sec, F/11, ISO 100

Afternoons are suppose to be a great time to explore Kimmeridge beach for those who love to explore rocks pools with it having a double low tide.

From the beach I make my way up through the cliff edge on my way to the army ranges.  Looking back there are some great views of Kimmeridge bay and Clavell tower.

clavell tower Kimmeridge bay
clavell tower Kimmeridge bay

The above being one of my favorite landscape photos of Kimmeridge bay.  I love the contrast of the foreground flowers in their summetime prime.  You got the Silhouette of Clavell tower in the background on the hill top.  Love it but not sold on Shutterstock, not yet.

I make my way to the Army ranges and the gate is locked. I cant go any further.  I am annoyed with myself and have to cut this beautiful walk short, but I will return.  After I learn the Army ranges are only open on weekends.  You need to check out DorsetForYou for the latest information.

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